Creative Signs is a signage maker in Manila established in 1994. We joined the industry simply because the status quo wasn’t good enough. Not a lot of signage makers in the Philippines are willing to keep an open mind and provide an all-around solution to businesses nationwide. We entered the scene to revolutionize the way Filipino companies satisfy their dynamic promotional requirements.

More than 20 years later, our company continues to get stronger. Staying alive in a fast-changing, competitive industry is no easy feat. We had to reinvent ourselves repeatedly to constantly be ahead of the curve and become the finest signage maker in Manila.

Fortunately, our efforts didn’t go down the drain. By giving equal relevance and attention to all projects, we’ve managed to establish positive, long-term business relationships with brands of every shape and size. Over time, our clientele grew and diversified.

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Our Workshop

Our fully equipped workshop in Metro Manila is the culmination of our decades of adopting advanced signage-making technologies. We’ve invested in modern equipment for years, realizing we couldn’t give our all without the right tools at our fingertips. We’re always at the forefront of trends, always exploring new ways to improve our capacity.

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Our People

Our multidisciplinary team of signage-making experts is the lifeblood of our business. Since day one, our people have always been our greatest asset, moving the needle in our success. From our skilled field representatives to our tireless specialists working behind the scenes, everyone in our company strives to deliver top-quality sign systems.

Our company has a personalized way of doing business, putting no limits to imagination and treating every project special. Thanks to our great people, we have the necessary driving force for making a world of marketing difference to our growing network of clients.

Let your signage project be the next feather in our cap. Contact Creative Signs today to consult with our sales representative.

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