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What Makes a Signage Maker a
Sought-after Job in the Philippines?

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Top photo:  An indoor signage with signage illumination (Store is located at Glorietta 4, Makati City)

What's a Signage Maker?

A signage maker is one of those jobs in this century that has gained popularity due to the fast urban development in mega cities. The skills of a signage maker in Manila, for instance, are a unique combination of artistry, circuitry, and old-fashioned craftsmanship, which are traits that characterize today’s DIY culture.

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Take the pop-up stores and display windows of major malls in the Philippines. The logo and colors of a particular brand need to stand out in a clutter of signs and signages that cry for attention of its target customers.   And since there are hundreds of them lined up in rows of a multi-storey commercial establishment, installing the right signage may mean the first crucial task a good store owner needs to plan for.  

Any entrepreneur will not hesitate to contact a good signage maker to make sure his store will be seen and noticed right away.

It helps to gain deeper insights on the demands that a custom sign maker faces specially when one considers the different personality types of his customers.

This doesn’t factor yet the thousand types of materials that he deals with.  One can bet a more elementary knowledge of physics and chemistry is called for.

Creative Signs that Underwent a lot of  Planning

Unknown to many, signage-making is a constant work in progress. It encourages novel applications of technologies, and the exploration of new presentation styles and ways of working. 

What was once individual expertise in wood or metal-working, calligraphy, electronics, 3-D printing, or computer programming has now been harmoniously integrated by a modern-day custom sign maker.

With years of exposure and experience in handling different media such as paints, charcoal, oil and water-based pigments, a custom sign maker is compelled to apply a knowledge of digital applications. 

He tackles any project by first considering the design, scale and proportion of a signage in relation to the store’s size and in view of the bigger environment such as the length and breadth of the floor or a facade of a building.

Long and extensive planning spent in hours of meetings and collaboration with the building architects and interior designers should take place if he were to achieve the design, marketing and social objectives of any signage. 

creative signsPasig office/showroom intricate Indoor glass decal with touches of colours for decorative purposes.

Obviously, the cost of the actual production is not the only consideration.  One takes into account the hours of planning that go into the making of these creative signs.

A good stretch of his imagination, common sense and tinkering in his workshop are the tools of a good signage maker. These and the pressure of meeting a strict deadline imposed by an exacting customer are constantly on his plate. 

He marries the two efficiently and still manages to retain a good sense of humor by relishing the thought that his craft will help a fledgling startup.   Now, we best understand why a signage maker’s day is never done.

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Top photo:  New logo with slim clean line font for an ultra-futuristic feel 

In Pursuit of the Best Signage Maker in the Philippines

Creative Signs, Inc is a signage maker in Manila that thinks like a marketer but is technically superior in signage-making.  Its personalized way of doing business puts the customer in the driver’s seat and gives him the maximum latitude in creating advertising materials that optimize form and function.

That starts when a customer fills out the contact form on its website and indicating the need and intended market.  Mentioning the timeframe and budget helps to initiate the conversation. 

Contact Creative Signs, Inc now and allow this signage maker in Quezon City to take your advertising requirements for a spin.  Email them at